Franchising has been around for a while – most likely because it’s a system that’s been successful. It works when an individual or group (the franchisee) establishes a relationship with a business (the franchisor) to help grow that business and distribute its product. The franchisee pays a franchise fee to use the franchisor’s business model and leverage its existing brand name, while agreeing to follow the operational terms of a contract, also known as a franchise agreement. With the support of an existing business model and a recognized brand name, the franchisee typically gets a quicker return on his or her investment.



Larry Hughes


Larry Hughes is the Vice President of Franchise Systems at 7-Eleven, Inc. In this capacity, he oversees the development of Franchising policies, Franchise marketing and sales, and Franchisee engagement platforms for one of the largest Franchise systems in the world. Immediately prior to this, he served as 7-Eleven’s Vice President of Training and Development, where he led teams that both designed and delivered training materials for all field leaders and associates, as well as new Franchisees across the system 


7-Eleven Franchise


Edward James


Ed James moved to Dallas, Texas from Northern Virginia. He studied engineering and business management at Arkansas State University and proceeded to serve in the United States Marine Corp. Passionate about entrepreneurial business creation joined 7-Eleven Corporation in April 2005, and currently serves as Franchisee Recruiting Specialist. He’s also Vice Chair Trustee Board at Church of Disciples United Methodist Church, and active member of both national and local chambers of commerce.

7-Eleven Franchise