Latino franchise symposium
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sponsorship packages

Explore each of our experiences to cater to your sponsorship and make the most out of connections with the Latino Franchise Symposium


linked logo

level one



At this level, your brand's logo will be displayed on all printed materials, in all digital correspondence, and will be displayed in our special franchise section on the Latino Leaders Magazine Website for one year following the symposium.

All digital materials will be linked to website of your choice for users to be redirected.



  • Direct traffic

  • Linked for one year following event

  • Easy promotion


logo presence + landing page

level two



At this level, your brand will reap all the benefits of the first level, in addition to a separate landing page that will be on our website for an entire year. Users will easily be able to learn specifics about your brand at the touch of a button. Perfect for those that cannot physically attend the Symposium in person, but still want to gain connections.

See example landing page here.

+ All text and photos must be provided.



  • A full informational page

  • Provide direct information for viewers

  • Create flow


private newsletters

level three



At this level, your brand will be provided access to our database for the Latino Franchise Symposium with private newsletters. Newsletters about your brand, fully linked, will be sent out to our database once a month. Perfect for brands that want to create more exposure and reach a target audience.

+ Any specific text and images must be provided.



  • Interactive following

  • Recurring & consistent

  • Interchangeable information