The Latino Franchise Symposium was created to gather all those who are interested in the Franchise business for the Hispanic Markets of the U.S and Latin America. This segment is growing at a fast pace, and yet we don’t know everything that needs to be known; all we know is that the possibilities for growth are large, with many sub segments yet to discover and even more unexplored niches.

This is why we created the Latino Franchise Symposium; a one-of-a-kind event to invite those with certain interests, experience, lessons, success stories, and even failures, to come and share visions with others and, by discussing them, increase the possibilities of success. Sponsors can talk to actual entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors about their brands, at the same time coming with an eagerness to know and create new opportunities for business, being guided and inspired by the speakers and participants. This will be, and has been, a very productive gathering in which everyone in attendance walks away with a benefit.



+ Exploring expansion opportunities in US Hispanic Markets
+ Exploring expansion opportunities from Mexico and Latin America Markets
+ Learning and sharing experiences and visions from the ones that have succeeded in Latino communities
+ Learning from the basics to expand intentionally/bi-culturally
+ S
hopping for brands interested in you!
+ Meeting with motivated investors and operators from the US and Latin America



See all the new opportunities for your brand to participate in this one of a kind event to create exposure and interest from all the attendees and more!



A chance to connect with brands in mind! There will be a networking breakfast, provided lunch, as well as opportunities to visit all sponsor booths and attend all panels.


panelist packages:

Feel you have insight to share about the Hispanic Market? Let us know if you would like to be considered to be part of one of our many panels throughout the symposium!