Multicultural consumers–and non-ethnic Americans who share their values and attitudes–are at the forefront of a fascinating and fast-growing CulturEdge℠. At the same time, the nation's 57 million Latinos are showing signs of an ASPIRATIONAL SHIFT toward new attitudes and behaviors that are both 100% "Latino" and 100% "American." By combining advanced research tools and techniques with innovative insights, EthniFacts helps marketers and advertisers unlock the power of the New Mainstream

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MIke Lakusta


Mike is a 35 year veteran of the Consumer Products Industry having worked on the development & growth of many brands during his management career with Procter & Gamble, E&J Gallo Winery, and major wholesalers in the adult beverage industry. His service on multicultural marketing & inter-industry steering committees confirmed the common frustration with lack of accurate multicultural research and actionable insights that led to the founding of EthniFacts.