letter from the publisher


this event was created to...

Gather individuals that are interested in the many different sectors of Franchise business for the Hispanic Markets of the U.S and Latin America. After many years of exploring how to grow Latino Franchisees and operators in this market, we realized that nobody knew enough, or had enough experience, to write the book on how to grow franchises in the Latino markets. Coincidentally, this segment is growing at a larger and faster pace than any other, and yet we still don’t know it well enough. All we know is that the possibilities for growth are big, with many sub segments yet to be discovered and even more unexplored niches.

With our publications in both sides of the border (Mexico and the US) it is easy for us make connections back and forth for exploring those opportunities.

This is why we decided to do the Latino Franchise Symposium; to invite all of those with certain interest, experience, lessons, success stories, and even failures to come and share those visions with others and, by talking about them, increase the possibilities of success.

Business and entrepreneurship in the Latino Community comes naturally and are conducted in person, shaking hands and talking to each other. The market is not a simple one; it has many layers and subcultures, but it is a loyal and powerful market that is still underserved.

The Latino Franchise Symposium is an event in which leaders gather to explore making business, to learn from each other and discover opportunities to grow. There’s no event like this in the nation, which means it is a great opportunity for all of those attending, in a city like Dallas, which is a big lab for the retail business in the nation. Sponsors can talk to actual entrepreneurs and business owners and investors about their brands, who at the same time are coming with an eagerness to know and meet new business opportunities being guided and inspired by the speakers and participants who are bringing their lessons and stories for everybody to share. This event is a great productive circle in which everybody walks away with benefits.

The Franchise Business in the Latino markets is growing and in its initial stages. Those who pioneer and venture, based on their knowledge and supported by others like them, will be the ones that will own the market in the future.


Welcome; now let’s do business, let’s learn from each other, let’s create opportunities for everyone!!


-Jorge Ferraez